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  • Master Your Short Game for Low Scores - The golf shots you make around the greens account for more than half of the shots you play. It is the easiest and best way to lower your scores. Anyone can develop a great short game because you donít need strength, youth, flexibility or talent.
  • Confident Putting for Lower Scores - Putting is the great equalizer in the game of golf. It has been called a "game within a game" because 40-50% of your score can be played out on the greens.
  • Concentration for Consistent Golf - Concentration may be the single most important mental attribute in golf. Become more successful on the golf course by improving your powers of concentration.
  • Progressive Relaxation of the Mind and Body - Mental pressure creates muscle tension. Peak golf performance is accessed by mind-body relaxation.
  • Release for Performance Anxiety - All athletes have performance anxiety. This cd is designed for the release of the negative emotions of anxiety and worry that might come up before or during a round of golf. Anxiety arises from thoughts about the outcome of the game, about events in the future that can't be controlled.
  • Fearless Golf - Internal voices of fear deter golfers from success. Listening to this cd will consistently transform the voice of past fears and failures on the golf course into positive, empowering self-talk.
  • Self-Hypnosis for Playing in the Zone - All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Listening to this cd repeatedly will teach the technique of mental rehearsal.
  • Confidence to Win Golf Tournaments - Winning tournaments requires good mental and physical skills, the desire to win, and complete trust in your ability to be a winner. This cd is designed to elevate your confidence in your ability and to obtain a winner?s mentality to win tournaments.
  • Personal Self-Hypnosis Golf Compact Disc- - Joan will create a personal 30-minute one-of-a kind self-hypnosis CD specifically geared to your golf game needs to produce the consistent scores that you dream of and know you are capable of performing.

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“ After listening to your tapes almost continuously for about a month, I can now feel that sense of calmness when I want to overcome any nervousness. I have also lost my sense of fear by listening to the "Fearless Golf" tape. ”

-Dr. Mervyn Feinstein, Senior Country Club Golfer

“ Your "Release for Performance Anxiety" has been effective in enjoying golf more. I am more positive, more relaxed, concentrate better and am able to let go of the distractions inside my head. ”

-Tom Johnson, Recreational Golfer

“ The "Confident Putting for Lower Scores" has worked! I am more confident! More Relaxed! And my handicap has gone down from 28 to 22. ”

-Andrew Carter, Recreational Golfer

"The Progressive Relaxation of the Mind & Body" tape really relaxes me to the point of sleep. This CD would be very useful in any kind of business, including government, for performance improvement! ”

-Harry Ritz, Amateur Golfer

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