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  • Fearless Golf - Internal voices of fear deter golfers from success. Listening to this cd will consistently transform the voice of past fears and failures on the golf course into positive, empowering self-talk.

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“ After listening to your tapes almost continuously for about a month, I can now feel that sense of calmness when I want to overcome any nervousness. I have also lost my sense of fear by listening to the "Fearless Golf" tape. ”

-Dr. Mervyn Feinstein, Senior Country Club Golfer

“ Your "Release for Performance Anxiety" has been effective in enjoying golf more. I am more positive, more relaxed, concentrate better and am able to let go of the distractions inside my head. ”

-Tom Johnson, Recreational Golfer

“ The "Confident Putting for Lower Scores" has worked! I am more confident! More Relaxed! And my handicap has gone down from 28 to 22. ”

-Andrew Carter, Recreational Golfer

"The Progressive Relaxation of the Mind & Body" tape really relaxes me to the point of sleep. This CD would be very useful in any kind of business, including government, for performance improvement! ”

-Harry Ritz, Amateur Golfer

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