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Joan King

Joan King, Peak Performance Strategist, Master Sports Hypnotist & NLP Practitioner, is the founder of POSITIVE MENTAL IMAGERY, a mental sports consulting firm. Her academic background includes a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Vermont. She is Board Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists in Sports and Clinical Hypnosis.

Joan's professional sports background includes certification with the Professional Ski Instructors of America, the Professional Tennis Registry of the U.S., and as an award winning high school tennis coach.

She has taught sports as an Adjunct Instructor at community colleges in Ohio and Florida. Using 25 years of research and training in the psychology of improving sports performance, and over 57 years of personal golf tournament experience, Joan coaches golfers internationally in the most advanced proven mental strategies. A low handicap senior amateur golfer, Joan competes in national and international championships.

PMI is dedicated to helping athletes realize their potential through accessing the abilities that they have seen occasionally and know they have.

PMI training has helped hundreds of amateur and professional golfers to understand and manage their mind-body-spirit balance.

PMI's new programs reflect state of the art research and mental training methods such as those used in the Swedish Golf Federation's exceptionally successful national program that produces world-class golfers.

PMI coaching includes hypnosis, NLP and other mental rapid change modalities to reprogram self-sabotaging limiting thoughts and emotions into self-empowering successful beliefs.

PMI mental techniques enable golfers to play golf effortlessly, free from distractions, trusting their swings, confident, with improved focus and concentration, and enjoying the game much more!

Play in the Zone with Joan!


“ I enjoyed the opportunity to work with Joan. I am pleased with the improvements that I am experiencing in all aspects of my game. And, I am having more fun. In my first tournament after working with Joan, I had a 12-shot improvement over my previous tournament. The PMI workbook is excellent, and a good reference. ”

-Art Burke, Amateur Tournament Golfer

“ The customized tape Joan designed for me made a major difference in my game. The major difference is that I am much more relaxed on the course. I have a new approach to the game, and am hitting the ball better. I am getting more consistent and the valleys are not as deep. ”

-Gordon Olson, Amateur Golfer

“ I listen to all your tapes and feel I have a better game plan going into each round, and can bounce back sooner during the round. My scoring average per round lowered 2-3 shots. My game is much more consistent. ”

-Jeff Otto, Golf Teaching Professional

“ I am having 'fun' again. I am almost always positive with my self-talk and am not upset anymore with the doors falling off of my game. I just start swinging and get it back without analysis. ”

-Thomas J. Dwork, DMD, Amateur Golfer

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