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Newsletter April 2011



For many The Masters Tournament signals the start of springtime golf with the first major tournament of the PGA Tour season. The 75th Masters will be played this week, April 7-10th.

Only 90 pros get to play in the Masters. The top winning pros use a mental coach to get ready for this prestigious tournament. You may want to get mental help to get ready for your springtime golf game. The top winning golfers today have a mental rehearsal program. Are you prepared for springtime golf if you don't have one? To work with a mental coach by phone or in person, contact Joan by email at joan@pmi4.com or by phone at 828-696-2547.

Here are 5 easy mental tips for you to use to get you on the right path for lowering your scores this spring.

Mental Golf Preparation:

#1. Have a consistent pre-shot routine. The most important part of your mental game is how you prepare your mind. Write down your pre-shot routine and practice it over and over in your mind the same way every time until you can execute it without thinking about it.

#2. Use deep breathing to relax your conscious mind. The second most important part of your mental game is relaxing your conscious mind so you can focus in the moment. Practice deep breathing through your diaphragm until you can focus easily in the present.

#3. Use imagery to practice your golf swing. Practice seeing and feeling your swing in your mind's eye when you are day-dreaming or as you are drifting off to sleep. When you close your eyes at night, see yourself stroking perfect putts from four feet... seeing the perfect roll of the ball, feeling the perfect rhythm, and hearing the ball drop into the cup over and over.

#4. Change negative thoughts into solutions. Practice changing your perception of potential problem situations on the golf course into opportunities to solve them. See the valuable learning in every situation that you might encounter. Practice being patient and know that you can trust your abilities no matter what situation you find yourself in.

5. Let go of judgment and expectations. Let go of judgment of yourself or others. Do the best you know how in each situation and praise yourself for your effort. Let go of expectations and focus on the present shot. Reinforce your belief in yourself and your game with daily affirmations. (PMI newsletter August 2002). Practice letting go of things you can't control and focus on what you want to create.

Every sport is the same. When you have not participated in awhile, it is necessary to refresh your mind and body by reviewing the basic set up. In order to be successful at golf, you need to have good fundamentals. These include the grip, posture, stance, ball position, and alignment.

Here are 5 additional easy physical tips for you to use to get you on the right path for lowering your scores this spring.

Physical Golf Preparation:

#1. Be consistent in your set-up for a consistent swing. Stand in front of a full length mirror and check the basics of your set-up; grip, posture, stance, ball position and alignment. If you have to think about any of these parts of your set-up, practice them until you are confident that they are automatically the same every time.

#2. Swing your club repeatedly without a ball. Review your basic fundamental swing mechanics and reacquaint your golf muscles before going to the range to hit full shots. Jack Nicklaus says, "Each year I start the season pretending I've never played before."

#3. Be aware of any tension in your hands and arms. When you think too much about mechanics you grip the club tighter and your forearms tense up. This tension causes swing problems such as poor clubhead speed, an incorrect swing path and faulty clubface alignment at impact. Practice hitting half shots with a relaxed grip

#4. Groove a more controlled swing. Swing with rhythm not brute force. Practice swinging within yourself. Establish your swing tempo by swinging a club with your feet together. If you are swinging too hard and your pace isn't smooth and rhythmic, you will lose your balance

#5. Swing the same way with every club. Use the same fluid, effortless swing with every club. Trying to "crush" the ball with the driver will result in tension and a jerky, out of rhythm swing. Swinging freely and smoothly will generate clubhead speed causing the ball to fly further.

If you are using these 5 ways to prepare mentally and 5 ways to prepare physically, and find that you are still having trouble, call me for a complimentary 15-minute consultation.


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