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Newsletter November 2012

When you play in tournaments, you have to play in the rain until the greenskeeper or tournament chairman determines the course unfit for play.

I remember playing in the USGA Senior Women’s Amateur at Sea Island when the wind was blowing so hard from an off-shore tropical storm that the balls would not stay on the greens. 

I also remember playing in the rain when my driver flew out of my hands on the first tee. At the SALLY in Oceanside, Florida I saw golfers become hypothermic when the temperatures dropped 30 degrees during the round and they didn’t have the proper clothing. 

It is important to be prepared for adverse conditions so you can focus on your game. If you aren’t a “mudder” who plays in the rain or a hardy golfer who doesn’t mind the cold, here are some tips to help improve your game. 

  1. Rain Gear: Keep waterproof pants and a jacket in your bag. Even if it isn’t pouring and is just cold the rain gear will keep you warm in windy conditions.
  2. Waterproof golf shoes: Keep your feet and socks dry for comfort.
  3. Rain Gloves: Keep at least one spare pair of rain gloves in your bag. It is almost impossible to keep one pair dry. Take off the glove after hitting to keep it out of the rain. Also have disposable hand warmers to keep your hands and ball warm. The ball goes further when it is warm.
  4. Large Umbrella: An umbrella keeps the wind and rain off you and your clubs. To keep your towel and extra glove dry you can hang them off the spokes.
  5. Extra Towels: Keep your hands, your grip and the face of your clubs clean and free of water. Dry off the grip and face of your club with a towel before swinging.
  6. Non-slip Grips: Put non-slip grips on your clubs that will dry off easily.
  7. Rain Hood for Your Bag:  Keep a plastic rain hood or full bag cover in your bag for extra protection of your clubs.
  8. Take One Club Less:  The tendency is to rush and swing faster in adverse condtions. Although the balls won’t roll as much, for good contact, take one club less than you normally would.
  9. Keep a Positive Attitude: Remember that the conditions are the same for everyone. The players who control their emotions by focusing on their game and not on the weather will be the winners.

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