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Newsletter January 2013


It’s that time again…. A new year…. A chance to reorganize and begin again with a fresh new outlook.


Did you accomplish your golf goals for 2012?


If you didn’t, it’s time to begin forming your plan to decide what you need to develop in yourself and your golf game and how you will do it. While New Year’s resolutions probably have probably come and gone, it is time to set new goals and have a strategy to implement them.


If you are serious about improving your golf game, don’t read anymore until you have a pencil and piece of paper in hand. With each number write down what pertains to you and your golf game.


The formula is: Desire + action = success


1.  Write down your intention. Decide what it is you want to achieve this year. It must be reachable to be under your control which means you must have a 50% or more chance of success.


2.   Your goal has to be meaningful to you. Your goals must be what you desire, not what others think you can do. It must be meaningful to you. Setting this goal will remind you of your desire to improve. Write down your goals so you can’t wait to get started on them.


 3.  Reduce your goal into achievable smaller mini-goals.  For each small goal/task add a time frame for completion. This will keep you on track to move closer to your overall goal. Set realistic deadlines to give yourself enough time so you won’t feel pressured. Measure your success or re-evaluate your goal at the end of the time frame.


4.  What will you need to do to accomplish this goal?  Write down what you need to do on a daily-to-do list or on a weekly basis to accomplish this goal. Include physical and mental skills you need to develop or improve upon. Set a comfortable pace so you won’t feel anxious about the time frame.


5.   Change your thinking to help you achieve the goal. Your current thoughts are going to create your future successful golf games. Fear is the greatest deterrent to your success. Always think positively about what you want, not what you don’t want to happen.


      6.  Write down three of your qualities that will help you to reach this goal.  For example, you might list that you   are organized, determined, and love to play golf.  


      7.  Acknowledge your smallest successes. Affirm every day that you are in the process of accomplishing your goal. If you take care of the small goals, the larger ones will just happen.


8.  Congratulate yourself when you accomplish your goal. Set a new goal.


Goal setting is one of the important aspects in sports psychology. It can help to cure anxiety and burn-out. When you are setting goals for your golf game, take into account mental goals. If you need help with this so you don’t set unrealistic expectations or set goals too low to avoid disappointment, contact Joan at 828.696.2547 or pmi4@bellsouth.net



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