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Newsletter November 2013

Here in the mountains of North Carolina, the beautiful orange, gold and red leaves have fallen off the trees. After the first frosts, the Bermuda grass fairways have turned from green to brown. Colder temperatures suggest to golfers in our northern climates that it is time to put away their clubs for the winter.

Now is the time to give some loving care to your clubs if you aren't going to be playing for awhile. Here are some things to consider.

1. Clean your grips. It's time to remove all the dirt that has built up over the summer. Use a brush to scrub the grips with warm soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and make sure they are dry before putting them back into your golf bag. Removing the dirt will restore the tackiness of the grips and make them last longer. If your grips are still slick after cleaning, it is time to get new grips.

2. Clean your club heads. Scrub the face of your irons to remove all dirt from the grooves. Check the grooves to see if lots of use hasn't worn them down. The club heads can be replaced instead of buying new irons. Wipe down your woods also.

3. Check your irons for alignment. Have your pro or clubmaker check the loft and lie angle on your irons at least once a year. Just as your body has wear and tear as you get older, so do your irons. Softer forged irons can bend over time. If you hit a lot of balls off artificial turf mats or hard ground, the lie and loft of stainless steel irons can also change. If your 7-iron only goes the distance and trajectory of your 8-iron you will probably make incorrect mental corrections. It is not necessary to buy new irons as the clubs can be bent back into their original specs.

4. Check the cleats in your golf shoes. Clean out the grass and dirt from your cleats and check to see if they are worn down and need to be replaced. Clean and polish your shoes so they will be neat and clean in the spring. Put in shoe trees and store them inside in a warm, dry place.

5. Clean out your golf bag. Take out your rain gear and hang it up in a closet. Go through all the pockets and remove unusable items. Wipe the outside of the bag so it looks new and fresh.

6. Store your golf bag indoors. Bring your bag inside from the garage and store it in a warm, dry place so your clubs won't rust. 

7. Put your putter in a visible place. The off-season is a good time to practice your putting for maintaining confidence in your stroke. Leave your putter, balls and putting cup in a place where you are likely to take a few minutes every day to putt. 

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