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Newsletter June 2014

              Imagery is the formation of mental images using illustrative language that appeals to your senses. The mental images are produced by imagining the action you desire. Following is an example of programming your mind-body-spirit with imagery for success in your golf game.

            In your inner mind, imagine you are at your favorite golf course.                      

            You have had a good warm-up on the practice range and are ready to utilize those smooth, easy, effortless swings on the golf course. Feel the quiet and calmness of nature. See yourself concerned only with what you are experiencing, not what others might be doing. You make a commitment to yourself that you are not going to be satisfied with anything less than your best effort. Enjoy the relaxed feeling of an alert mind and relaxed body working together to allow you to access your game plan.           

            As you approach the first tee you feel confident, composed, and ready for the enjoyment in the upcoming round of golf. Imagine yourself going through your pre-shot routine preparing your mind and body to focus and be ready to play. Visualize yourself swinging with perfect timing and tempo. Watch as the tee-ball flies to your predetermined target in the fairway. See yourself smiling as you experience the wonderful feeling inside your body of hitting a super drive. 

            See yourself calmly approaching your second shot with full confidence. Again you go through your pre-shot routine taking a deep breath to relax and focus. You put an effortless fluid swing on the ball and watch it as it flies toward the green, bounces and stops near the hole.  Feel the enjoyment inside of pulling off a great shot.       

            Walking to the green you observe the undulations in the putting surface. You are decisive about the line the ball will take and you visualize the ball going into the cup. Taking a deep breath to relax and focus while going through your routine, you step up to the ball and roll it effortlessly into the hole. You hear the ball as it hits in the bottom of the cup and you are aware of how good you feel. You are pleased with yourself for allowing yourself to use what you have been practicing and imagining.   

            Because golf is a game dealing with off-line hits and errors, visualize yourself hitting a poor shot but keeping your composure and hitting your next shot well. You remember that there will be many more opportunities as you remain calm and stick to your game plan. Visualize yourself missing a four-foot putt and going to the next hole and smoothly rolling in a six footer. 

            Be pleased knowing that you are not afraid to admit that in golf you make mistakes. Take pride in realizing that you are now able to deal with those mistakes in an effective manner and that will separate you from other players. Feel how good that feels. 

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