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Newsletter July 2014

Do you believe in yourself? Emotions show what you are thinking about yourself and your golf game.

If you are playing golf and have missed two or three opportunities to make a birdie putt (either net or gross) on the front nine, you may still be in control and not frustrated. But on the 11th hole you have another opportunity and miss again. This time the anger from the missed birdies on the front, combined with this one causes you to backhand the “gimme” putt or not take enough time and miss this one also. Your pride just couldn’t stand it. Your emotional mind is angry at the greens, and the golf course, and pays it back by ignoring it, by wanting to get off the green. You didn’t concentrate on making the short putt because you wanted to get away from the emotionally frustrating situation -- the old flight or fight syndrome.

Your life and your golf game are determined by;

  1. the way you communicate with yourself

  2. the way you perceive the environment

  3. the way you run your brain


    Your emotions are a natural expression of being human. Your thoughts produce learned emotions. Emotional goals are always more important to the brain than the golf goal. And when you are controlled by your emotions it is difficult to think clearly. 

Do your thoughts produce anxiety, worry or fearful feelings? 

When you focus on your mistakes, fear of failing, or keeping your score going, you can become controlled by these emotions. Your heart beats faster, it is difficult to breathe, your hands shake, and you swing harder and faster at the golf ball making more mistakes.  

The way to stay in control is to train your brain to always think of positive outcomes. When you focus on creating what you desire, the image and result will come to you like a magnet pointed toward a pile of iron filings.  

Your emotions can move you closer to your goals, or further away. The best way to stay present is to quiet your mind by deep breathing, being decisive, trusting the process, using your pre-shot routine, and focusing on the task at hand. 

Learn how to be at peace in the present moment by being more at peace with yourself and with how you play golf. 

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