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Newsletter August 2015

 “Just how do you leave the bad shot behind?” This is a question someone in my last workshop asked. She understood how important it is to release thoughts about mishit shots so you don’t sabotage future shots… but she wanted to know, just how do you do it?

Reframe the way you view the game 

Know that you are going to have setbacks in every round of golf. How you react to these setbacks will determine how well you can recover.

First of all, let go of judging that your shot was bad. Reframe your thinking to believe that it was just a mistake and you are capable of changing it into an experience to learn from.

Know that in every round of golf you will learn something new about the game. and about yourself.

Believe that golf is a game of recovering well from missed shots to score low.

Believe that thinking about the missed shot will sabotage your game.

Instead of trying to “block out” the memory of the shot which requires putting more energy into the missed shot, focus on your breath by breathing deeply to center yourself in the present moment.

After the missed shot, step aside and take practice swings until you feel the swing that you had intended. Reinforce the feeling with a trigger word such as smooth or fluid. You do not want to go to your next shot with the memory of the missed shot at the forefront of your brain.

Know that it is not possible to “fix” your swing on course. Focus instead of creating the tempo that will produce the shot you desire.

Allow your pre-shot routine to get you focused and ready for the next shot.

Energize yourself with feelings of why you love playing this game.

Tom Kite said it best; “If you are going to play the Tour, you have to love golf all the time. It’s not going to work if you can only love it when everything’s going your way, every putt’s going in the hole, and every carom is bouncing into the fairway instead of out of bounds. It’s not going to work if you practice every day and only love it when the ball is going where you’re looking. You’ve got to love it when you practice day after day after day and you can’t find it. You’ve got to love it when every putt looks like it’s going in and then lips out. That’s what it’s all about.” 

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