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Newsletter March 2016

What do the pros do when they shoot a round in the 80's in a tournament? This means of course, that they have "shot themselves in the foot" and are out of the tournament.

Embrace a positive attitude

Pros understand what an unpredictable game golf is. The attitude for dealing with this kind of failure is different for each player. Here are some of the ways pros think about mentally recovering from uncharacteristically high rounds.  

  • "It happens. I laugh at myself."
  • "I just forget about it and go out and play the next round."
  • "If it happens on Friday and I miss the cut, I can get away from the golf course".
  • "I remember the good holes that kept the score from being even higher."

The mental game of golf is about developing your positive mindset before you get to the golf course. If you don't have a positive attitude, your emotions will take over and you will press to make up for your mistakes. It will then be harder to become mentally and physically balanced.

Visualize your game for success

What did Phil Mickelson do when he couldn't find his swing prior to the Masters?

Phil Mickelson loves to play in the Masters Tournament. "I feel like Augusta National and the Masters gives every kid who dreams of playing, who dreams of playing professionally, who dreams of winning major championships, something to strive for," Phil said. "And when we arrive at Augusta, it exceeds our dreams, which is hard to do. I love this place," he said. "I love coming here."

In April 2003 he was upset with the way he was hitting the ball, "He stood on the range and just couldn't stop overhooking a 4-iron," Mackay his caddie said, "He had no command at all."

Michelson left the practice range and went back to his rental home. There he sat down, closed his eyes and visualized the shots he wanted to make in his upcoming rounds at August National. He shot 73-70-72-68, just two strokes out of the playoff. 

Assume an attitude of acceptance

  • Decide that you don't have to hit every shot perfectly to score low.
  • Accept that you will make mistakes and forgive yourself.
  • Stay in the present to "let go" of missed hits.
  • Focus only on the positive thoughts and images of what you want.
  • Stay patient until things turn around.
  • Know you can persevere by using your best mental tools.
  • Know that failure is life's greatest teacher.

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