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Newsletter January 2017

I have been waiting patiently for the past three weeks to have my computer restored after it shut down while I was in Florida for the holidays. The new hard drive was ordered from Jacksonville, Florida, traveled to Greensboro, NC, then to Raleigh, NC and back to Jacksonville ostensibly because of the inclement winter weather conditions. This process reminded me of a round of golf where we have good intentions and put a plan into action. Despite the desire for a certain outcome, the plan reverses itself and the game goes in the opposite direction.

Over the years of playing competitive golf, I have developed a mindset of letting go any attachments to a certain outcome. Golf, like life, is an inner journey of believing in yourself no matter what the outer results show.  The outer journey is simply a reflection of what is going on inside of us. For the transformation of your outside reflection to be the same as your inside beliefs, you must make more room in your heart to receive self-love, confidence, success and abundance.

To thrive in your life and golf game, allow yourself to let go of everything that distracts you, creates fear or disempowers you. To access your true self, be aware of the patterns of negative thinking and behavior that keep you from manifesting your inner power.

You can grow in self-awareness by using your creative abilities to learn from your experiences so you won't repeat the same patterns. To play golf at your personal best requires that you have a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strategy in place.

Consider the following as signposts to lead you in the right direction of self-awareness.

  • Allow yourself to envision your fondest dreams.
  • Acknowledge the perfection of each moment of your golf dream.
  • Practice the art of intention by writing down your daily, monthly and year-end golf goals.
  • Manifest your intentions by taking disciplined action on these goals.
  • Staying with your intentions opens the gateway to endless possibilities.
  • Don't give up on your dreams when you don't accomplish your goals.
  • Experience is your best teacher.
  • Learn from the outcomes of your choices.
  • Refuse to beat yourself up when things don't go your way right now.
  • Be kind and gentle with yourself and honor your abilities.
  • Move past any anxiety and fear that keeps you from trusting yourself.
  • Worrying doesn't take away the perceived trouble; it takes away your intention.
  • Worry is the interest you pay on inadequate skills. Practice.
  • Change your state of consciousness by believing in infinite possibilities.
  • Above all, have fun on your journey to accomplish miracles.
  • Listen to others' advice but know that you are the only expert of your own life.
  • Build up your golf bank account with past memories of greatness stored in the vault.
  • Practice quieting your mind to focus on the wisdom that comes through your heart.
  • The true nature of the heart is to create what one loves and love what one creates, without condition.
  • Listen to your heart. Love is the most powerful energy in the universe that doesn't have to understand mentally.
  • Love yourself and your golf game unconditionally!

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