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Newsletter March 2017

What you believe you will produce in your life and in your golf game.

Are you successful because you believe in yourself, or

Do you only believe you are successful when you win?

A strong mental game promotes success when you believe in yourself and your abilities. If you only believe in yourself when you win, you will be disappointed a lot, and will have lost the fun of the challenge of the game.


Our beliefs control everything in our lives. A belief is acceptance of the actuality of something without certain proof. We consciously accept and focus upon our beliefs without questioning them because the results appear to make sense to the rational mind. Your beliefs color your thoughts and experiences and affect your emotions. This determines how you react to situations.

It isn't the golf shots, putts, or scores that mold your character, it is the way you interpret them. The things that happen to us aren't nearly as important as the meaning we attach to them. Our beliefs determine what meaning we give to things.

Do you believe that Lady Luck, the environmental conditions, fate, or talent controls golf? I choose to believe that luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

‘Most people think Slammin' Sam Snead was born with a perfect, fluid golf swing. Some attribute his superior flexibility to his study and practice of yoga. I believe he would tell us he worked very hard to create his fluid swing. He once said, "I've hit two million practice shots, so I ought to know what I'm doing.'

He reinforced his flexibility and rhythm by saying and feeling the word oily as he swung his golf clubs. The night before a tournament, he would replay the golf course in his mind so his body and mind were prepared through this mental discipline.

Our thoughts create our beliefs, our beliefs create our habits, and our habits create our lives. Our beliefs connect the thoughts that run through our experiences to form our conclusions. However, thoughts of others passed down to us as truths and accepted without examination create many of our beliefs. Unfortunately, many of these thoughts, truths, and beliefs do not align with our purpose for experiencing ourselves or out path to happiness. It has been more important for many to fit into this third-dimensional world, as uncomfortable as that has been, than to develop their truths and follow their own path.

What are your beliefs about your golf game? Are you having these beliefs based on your results? Wouldn't you rather believe that you are a great player?

To change a belief all you have to do is questions it. Questioning its validity creates doubt, and then you no longer have the support for it. There are beliefs that limit us, and there are beliefs that empower us. You are not your beliefs. You can change your beliefs anytime you wish. By challenging the truth of them, the outcome will change. Question the self-limiting thoughts you believe in. Believing in limiting beliefs keeps you from achieving your potential. Create doubt about your beliefs. Begin to affirm the positive instead of the negative."

Begin today to believe in the abilities you have seen in your play and that you can make even better. Success begins with belief. Visualize your success. Be creative. Enjoy using your imagination to create the golf game that you desire. Think out of the box. Balance your flow of energy harmoniously among your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental selves.

*Excerpts are from Chapter 11: Beliefs and Values; "THE HEART OF GOLF, Access Your Supreme Intelligence for Peak Performances"

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