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Newsletter November 2019

How many times have you chosen a certain golf club and the ball falls short into the greenside bunker even though you felt you had hit a perfect shot? Did you then say to yourself; "I knew that I needed to take one more club." This was when you heard the quiet little voice inside telling you to take more club, but your logic and reasoning somehow overrode it. The little quiet voice was the voice of your intuition.

Intuition is a feeling that comes from your heart when "you know" the answer without conscious reasoning. It's the sudden alignment of neuronal pathways. And don't discount what you feel or sense in your gut. Intuition is when you are guided by a "feeling" instead of "facts." Our intuition works closely with the (feeling) right hemisphere of the brain. You are gifted with an ability to sense/feel what comes before the conscious mind.

You were born with intuition. You don't have to think about how you know, you just know. It is estimated that 90 percent of people over think their decisions. Think of what that means for all the decisions you are making during a round of golf. Using your intuition can keep you from making all kinds of mental errors.

Trusting your intuition is one of the most important things you can do while playing the game of golf.

Now that most of us are playing golf in our "off season," this is a good time to practice using your intuition when it doesn't matter as much. The easiest time to practice would be when you are playing on your own in a non-competitive situation.

When your logical mind figures the distance, target, wind conditions, etc. and decides which club is the correct one, and your little voice (subconscious) is saying to take a different one, trust your intuition. It is imperative that you believe and trust your intuition, or you will sabotage the shot.

Steps to acknowledging intuition 

1.    Be open to believe and receive in the first free sense/feeling.

2.    Trust your feeling/sensing of knowing as it is your wisdom and truth.

3.    Believe that your intuition is your highest intelligence.

4.    Let go of reason, judgment and logic - just trust the feeling.

5.    Breathe to become relaxed and less stressed.

6.    Learn the difference between self-talk thoughts and intuition.

7.    Practice the skill of listening to your intuition.

Something isn't right 

In your preshot routine if you sense that the little voice in your head, or your gut, is telling you that something isn't right, it is important that you listen to it, stop your routine, and begin again. Trust that your intuition has sensed that something isn't right and is sending you a message.  

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