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Newsletter May 2020

Golf courses are opening up now after the two-month global shut down, offering golfers a welcome outlet after the mandated layoff. Here in western North Carolina, the golf courses remained open using the new social distancing guidelines that permit outdoor recreation. Because of the nature of the game, our sport lends itself easily to social distancing without any physical interaction among the players or golf staff. 

It is common now to see four golf carts in tandem on the cart paths, enforcing the "one golfer per cart" policy, where only two carts were allowed before. Golf is probably the most social distancing you can get in any sport.

Old structures are falling away to make room for a new way of life. The self-quarantine was an opportunity for reflection while you were not able to play golf. I was pleased to see how many ordered the PMI self-hypnosis CDs to program their subconscious minds for what they do desire when they get back to the course. www.pmi4.com/cart   


It is necessary to be physically flexible to be able to hit the ball further. It is also necessary to be mentally flexible in your thinking to be able to cope with unexpected situations and results.

Golf is a game with lots of ups and downs. Every shot and every moment of your life is a new experience. For full enjoyment and success, you must be flexible and open to allow the release of any attachment to the outcome.

Your physical world is a direct reflection of your emotions and thoughts. Most golfers are their own worst judge and jury. To change your undesired outcomes, you must be flexible enough to change your thoughts and attitudes into positive, empowering ones. Reconnect with your true powerful self, not the one you believe you "should" be.


We were just learning about the new global World Handicap System (WHS) rules for handicapping instituted on January 6th, when the Covid-19 virus surfaced and caused the world to shut down. The USGA has put together a new set of guidelines, "Rules and Handicapping Guidance During the COVID-19 Era" https://cutt.ly/zyxHqa5  Additional guidance is provided at "Covid-19 Rules and Handicapping FAQs" https://cutt.ly/iyxHvQO

Golf is a sport where rules are of major importance and golfers know how to apply them. The new Covid-19 rules include the closure of areas such as clubhouses, driving ranges, putting greens and locker rooms. Flagsticks are not to be touched. Ball washers, trash bins and rakes were removed along with on-course scorecards, pencils, etc. All practice balls and carts are sanitized after each use. To enforce social distancing tee times are staggered 15 to 20 minutes apart instead of the usual 10 minutes, and players are asked to arrive no more than 20 minutes before their tee time.

The biggest change in the new rules relates to the modification of the hole, and not requiring the player to "hole out" as required under the Rules of Golf.  The liner to the hole is either raised above the putting surface, or objects are put into the hole so the ball can be more easily removed. When your ball hits the hole, it is now deemed to have been holed out. Because of this new rule, expect that your handicap will drop!

PGA Tour Return

The PGA Tour is scheduled to become the first professional sport to return to action. With the major championships and the Olympics being either postponed or canceled, the schedule opened up three weeks of flexibility. The Tour took advantage of the opportunity and moved the restart of their season from May 18 to June 11. The pros will be able to resume their careers at the first rescheduled tournament, The Charles Schwab Challenge at the Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth, Texas, June 11-14th.  It is planned that the first four Tour events will be closed to the general public to ensure the health and well-being of all involved.

Get a New Outlook

  • Your circumstances have shifted giving you the opportunity to find ways of expanding your imagination and rekindling your creativity.

  • Do not wait for outer circumstances to shift to assist you. Write down problem areas and use your downtime as an opportunity to research articles on the internet for options. Monthly archived newsletters from 1999-2020 covering all aspects of mental golf are available at http://www.positivementalimagery.com/news_letters/index.php

  • Slow down. Let go of all old scripts that cause negative thinking and emotions to surface. Allow your deeper feelings of love of the game to create space for enjoyment. Allow the light of your soul to rekindle your imagination and stimulate your creativity.

  • Use your imagination/visioning power and put it to work for you preparing your mind for the future golf successes you desire. Do this every day, especially when you are falling asleep at night, or awakening in the morning.

  • When there aren't any projects or social engagements to take up your time, use the space to practice inner peace and calm. Meditation, or just sitting quietly and watching your breathing for 10-15 minutes will bring you into focusing in the moment of now where there is only peace.

  • This is your opportunity to take a determined stand to create your new reality with every moment.

  • This is your time! -use it wisely and envision the success and enjoyment you desire.

  • Be prepared to receive it!

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