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Newsletter March 2021

Your unconscious mind is what controls your involuntary actions. We operate 95 percent of our lives according to our subconscious programs. It is 30,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind. Your subconscious mind is subjective and works like your computer by following the instructions it is given. The subconscious mind lacks reasoning, logic or rationalization. It is a creature of habit and repetition. Reprogram the data in your subconscious mind with positive thoughts and affirmations for what you require in a strong mental golf game.

When you win there is nothing to learn, when you lose, there is something more to learn. Remember the following axiom: 

When you win, you win.

When you lose, you learn. 

To play more consistently you must have the same positive thoughts and attitudes and behave in the same way to promote success. If one of your thoughts is not consistent with another, it will contradict your desire and nullify your result.

Here is a check list of positive attitudes and behaviors to anchor into your subconscious mind for consistent results: 

1.    Trust Your Swing. Train your mind to feel and sense your swing instead of being paralyzed by constant analysis. Let go of mechanical thoughts of how to swing. It is impossible to "fix" your swing on the golf course after missing a shot. Instead, step aside and swing your club until you find the rhythm and tempo of the swing that you desired.

2.    Direct your brain with a consistent pre-shot routine. Your pre-shot check list prepares you to let go of conscious thoughts so you can allow your smooth automatic swing. For your swing to be consistent, your routine prior to swinging must be the same every time.

3.    Practice the way you play. Train your brain by using your pre-shot routine with every practice shot you hit on the range until it becomes a habit. If your practice routine and your on-course play routine are the same, your results will be similar.

4.    Correct your alignment and set-up.  If you set up incorrectly, even a great swing won't produce a good shot. Every shot on the course is hit from a new position, which is very different from hitting from the same spot on the range.  Always pick a target for each shot so you will get feedback on how you are doing.   

5.    Anchor your good shots.  Remember your good shots, not the missed ones. To be able to repeat your good shots, anchor them in your subconscious mind with the wonderful inside feeling of hitting a solid shot.

6.    Relax your mind and body. You can't be relaxed and anxious at the same time. Take deep breaths to relax your body and slow down your thinking mind for sharper focus.

7.    Be patient. Golf is a waiting game. Wait for the opportunities to happen. The more you rush, the quicker your swing becomes and the more mistakes you will make.

8.    Concentrate only on your game. Being concerned with your competitors' games will distract you from being in control of your own game.

9.    Play one shot at a time. Play each shot as if it is the most important shot you will ever hit by giving it your 100% full intention and attention.

10.  Change all fear shots into positive images. Stay focused in the present, giving your full attention to what you desire to happen, not what you are afraid will happen.

11.  Play target golf. Take DEAD AIM. Have a clear picture of your target in your mind and swing down your target line without your mind telling you how to do it. Your body knows how to swing if you will allow it.

12.  Be decisive. Indecision is the enemy of golfers. Don't hit a shot until you have absolutely made up your mind which club to use and what you require to do with the shot.

13.  Believe in yourself. Believe in yourself no matter what the results are. Believe in your ability to score. Trust that you can always improve.

14.  Less is more. Swing within yourself. Feel your awareness of balance, rhythm and tempo. The ball will go farther and straighter with a smooth, easy, effortless swing than a forceful, jerky swing.

15.  Let go of expectations. Don't add up your score until you are finished. Enjoy each shot as its own reward.

16.  Enjoy playing the golf course. Accept and enjoy everything that happens from a place of childlike wonder and joy and you will then be playing from your heart space at your peak performance level.

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