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Newsletter August 2021

It is of the utmost importance to have a clear mindset before going to the golf course. You are the only one who thinks in your mind so you are the only one who can create or change your mindset. At UCLA they did a study and found that 90% of the thoughts we think today are the same ones we had yesterday. If your thoughts are about the past, they are often about mistakes you think you made, or about feelings of guilt or regret for past decisions.

If you keep listening to the voices of fear and agitation, you are focused on what you do not want and you try to compensate by physically practicing your golf swing. This is a misalignment of your energy. When you do not get results from practicing, you try harder but still your game does not improve. For better results instead, use your mind to communicate with your muscles and cells to produce the ideal game you desire.

Spiritual Energy

Golf is a spiritual game. It transcends the physical. It is different from any other sport. It is not forceful... it is graceful... it has power, but it also has gentleness... It can be difficult, but it also can be easy... It is calming, but it also can be very exciting... If you are in touch with your spirit within, you can experience all the spiritual qualities. 

Shift your energy from fear to empowerment by releasing the negative thoughts and allowing your heart-centered and heart-driven energy that reinforces your true, authentic power. Let go of your sense of importance, not only of yourself, but of what goes on around you. Let the love of the game that flows through your heart be your mindset instead of your false ego mind. Be proud of where you have come from, and confident in the success of what you can create.

Heart Energy

Recent research in neuro-cardiology shows that the heart is the major governor of intelligence in the body. The heart is our electrical power center as well as being the pump that supplies blood to the entire body. The heartbeat is so powerful it generates 40 to 60 times more electrical output than the brain. Its electric signal can be measured on any point on the body.

The heart is considered a single entity that has its own complex nervous system that sends messages to its nerve centers, so it acts independently to learn, remember, and produce feelings. Information sent from the heart to the brain affects not only perception, emotion, and learning abilities, but also coordination.

Emotions such as anger, frustration and anxiety cause the heart rhythms to become irregular which causes an energy drain in the brain resulting in doubt and insecurity making it difficult to make decisions. On the other hand, feelings of love, caring and appreciation increase the access to clear, effective thinking and problem solving. These emotions produce more coherent heart rhythms thus reducing the disorder in the nervous system.  


Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we are doing. While mindfulness is a natural state of being, it can be accessed with the practice of relaxing your mind and body. We already have the capacity to be present, so it doesn't require us to change who we are. Mindfulness is being completely awake to the present moment and being aware of what you are doing while you are doing it.

When you are mindful, you are fully invested in the present moment; not dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. You are experiencing being in the now with all of your senses. It is imperative that your body is relaxed to accomplish this process. 

Golfers have a tendency to project the present into the future by thinking about upcoming holes and what they need to score in order to achieve a desired outcome. This is a perfect example of creating stress within your mind and body. With this awareness of judgment of how you are doing, mindfulness is the solution to reduce the stress and bring your mind back to the present. Practicing mindfulness involves breathing methods, guided imagery, and other practices to relax the body and mind and help reduce stress.

Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is a powerful ancient practice that focuses and directs the imagination. You are guided to use your imagination to focus on images by creating scenes in your mind. It harnesses all your senses; sight, taste, sound, sound, smell, and sensation designed to trigger specific changes in physiology, emotions, or your mental state. 


Hypnosis is a natural, relaxing state of mind of focused concentration where you can control your body and mind. When hypnosis is self-induced it is called autohypnosis and is often referred to as self-hypnosis. In fact, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis because you are the one doing the programming.

Your subconscious mind where all your information is stored is like your computer. GIGO. Garbage in, garbage out. Or in hypnosis terms, whatever you program in, you will get. This part of your mind does not analyze, criticize, judge or condemn. In hypnosis only positive suggestions are utilized to reinforce self-awareness, self-confidence, concentration, relaxation, consistency, how to play the game of golf to shoot lower scores indicative of your personal best performances. 

Mental Rehearsal

Scientists have found that mentally rehearsing your golf swing will improve your swing because your mind is programming your muscles as you imagine/visualize yourself hitting the perfect shot.

The best time to mentally practice your golf game is at night or in the morning while you are half-awake in the relaxed Alpha State. Rehearse what you want to happen that day. The only place you can practice perfectly is in your mind. Program your mind for the success you desire.

Golf Enhancement CDs

Stop struggling with your golf game. You can improve just by listening to the CDs that I have created using all of the above techniques, in the areas where golfers have the most mental and emotional difficulty that keep them from having the success and fun they deserve. 

Change comes from the mind first. Listening repeatedly to the suggestions on the CDs will program positive beliefs to overcome the negative programming from the outer world.

Listening daily will change the energy that is needed to believe in yourself, trust your golf game, and have confidence in knowing what you can do.

To train your brain to play your best golf, listen to Positive Mental Imagery self-hypnosis guided imagery CDs in the privacy of your own home. Nine golf enhancing CDs are available at www.pmi4.com/cart

Play "in the zone" with Joan

Entrain Your Heart & Mind for Peak Performances

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