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Newsletter January 2022


"I never know who is going to show up today!" is an excuse sometimes heard on the first tee to acknowledge the possibility of impending poor play.   

The mental game of golf is about advance preparation of your mind-body-spirit so you will be calm, alert, confident, focused, and in control when you step on to the first tee. When we have learned that positive thoughts create positive outcomes while negative thoughts create negative outcomes; we have learned the power of the mind, body, and spirit connection.

Effective Goal Setting         

The new year is when most of us set goals for self-improvement. Within a few weeks those goals are no longer as important in our lives. The reason the new goals don't work is because we tend to focus on the negative and what didn't work. To accomplish a goal, you need to create positive mental habits that support the desired change.  If you have short term as well as long-term goals, they can help to cure anxiety and burn-out or "the poor me" (pity pot) syndrome. 

Declare your "dream" goal of your ultimate best in the future so you know where you are headed. Then set a goal(s) to be accomplished daily that incorporate the following:

1.    You must want to achieve the short-term goal.

2.    You have a 50% chance of success or more of accomplishing it.

3.    You must believe you can achieve the goal.

4.    The goal must be positive.

5.    It takes 30 days to form a habit. Challenge yourself to accomplish the goal daily for a minimum of 30 days.

6.    Every day, recognize and write down when you were successful. Keeping track of your progress is important to learn about unconscious patterns of thought interfering with your success.

All of your thoughts are stored in your subconscious mind. If the negative thoughts are repeated over and over they produce thought patterns, feelings and actions that are not helpful. If the critical thoughts originated in childhood, and were reinforced over your lifetime without being changed, they will surface under emotional stress.

Create Your Own Field of Dreams

If you didn't accomplish your goals in 2021, it is time for self-realization to find and change the patterns that are sabotaging your golf game success. The only way to improve is to change your belief system. You can change your past, present and future by the self-realization that you are holding on to patterns of belief that no longer serve you.

Now is the time to fix your golf game for the future with a new beginning. Create a field of dreams. Create a new positive field of energy. Create a field of hope. Create a field of love for yourself and your golf game. Create a field of fun to play the game no matter what the results are.

  • Instead of doing things the same way with the same results, change your negative self-sabotaging habits one at a time.
  • When you have a negative attitude about your game, change it to visualize and imagine yourself playing at your personal best. Attract to you what you want, not what you don't want.
  • Empower yourself by self-talk that is kinder. Be your own best supporting caddy.
  • Be discerning in your thoughts instead of allowing others' thoughts to control your actions.
  • Use the opportunity in every moment to be the player that you want to be.

An important part of being focused is to be clear about what you want. Focus is an important part of daily life. It keeps you centered and moving forward on what is most important to you. Being focused helps you tune out the outer noise and distractions. It also aligns the energies to assist you with your goals. if you are truly in the moment, you are simply the observer without judgment and without programming. 

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