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Newsletter June 2022

When pro golfers are interviewed after a round of tournament golf, they invariably start their answer by describing their successful shots and putts. After a competitive round of golf, amateur golfers will usually describe what "could have" happened if they hadn't missed certain shots and putts. Both ways of thinking are stored in the subconscious mind and become stronger with repetition.

Golf is a mental game because your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes all affect your golf swing. Golfers who have a strong inner game in competition are confident, focused, and composed. For 30 years I have been teaching the mental skills (www.pmi4.com Archived Newsletters) to every level of golfer for developing a mindset that helps them be "in the zone" more frequently where they can score at their peak performance level.

I have seen scratch golfers who had "perfect" swings and took "perfect" divots on the range but didn't live up to their potential on course. These golfers didn't have a strong mental game because it wasn't stressed when they were learning to play. Their training was on perfecting the mechanics of the golf swing. The missing part was learning how to develop a mindset for a strong inner game where the golfer is fully engrossed, confident, focused and having fun.

We now know that once you learn the mechanics of the golf swing, and trust that it is good enough, the game becomes 90-95% mental and 5-10% physical. It's a game that is won and lost inside your own head. That is why almost every tour professional today uses the services of a sports psychologist and/or hypnotist.

How do you know if you need mental game coaching? Here are some suggestions to help you decide:

  • When you can't take your game from the range to the golf course.
  • When you have lost confidence in the ability you have experienced before.
  • When you finish a round of golf and talk about what you didn't do, and what you could have done.
  • When you are thinking more about swing mechanics, other players, or outside distractions than on playing your own game.
  • When you are holding your breath during your swing.
  • When you lose control of your swing on the golf course and can't get it back.
  • When you have the "first tee jitters" or "yips" in your short game.
  • When you are afraid to hit over a large body of water.
  • When you think of too many things at once.
  • When you are afraid of others watching and judging you.
  • When playing with better players.
  • When you are afraid of letting your partner/team down.
  • When your game is inconsistent.
  • When your game falls apart under the pressure of competition.
  • When you aren't playing to your potential.

Golf is an inner game. It is an inner search for Self. Golf will teach you who you are through your feelings. This is where the call of the heart comes into play. That is where the inspiration is. It is the driving force to discover/loving yourself enough to enjoy every shot and every opportunity to create the wonderful feeling of success. That is the power that resides within you. Trust and believing in yourself will transform your game.

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