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Newsletter September 2008

            Golf isn’t magic……but you can create magical results.

            Winning at the Barclays PGA Tour event at the Ridgewood CC, Paramus, NJ the last week in August, shooting for FedEx Cup points, Vijay Singh followed up his win at July’s WGC-Bridgestone Invitational….  proving that his struggle with inconsistent putting was now under control.

            Vijay is well-known for his hours of practice on the range. This time he added practice in his mental game. “I convinced myself that I’m the best putter,” said Singh.

            He began the Labor Day Deutsche Bank Championship week with 115 other players ranked ahead of him in the Tour’s putting stats. Tired of hearing negative comments about a balky stroke, Singh stopped reading the negative comments about his putting. He changed his inner thoughts and began to see himself as good as anyone with the flat stick.

            “At the end of the day, it kind of gets to your head that you’re not a good putter,” Singh said. “So I made a point after last week that I’m going to change that attitude, and I believed in myself that I’m the best putter. I came out here with a different attitude, and I putted great this week.” He led the field in average distance of putts made (4’4”) and didn’t have a three-putt.

            Vijay Singh shot a 2-shot tournament record of 22 under par to win the Deutche Bank Championship. It was his 22nd victory after the age of 40! He has had 3 wins in the last 5 tournaments. He had a hot putter again at the Deutche. On the closing nine holes, he created his own magic by sinking putts of 37-feet on #13, 60-feet on #14, and 35-feet on #17. His rounds were 64, 66, 69, 63.

            If you do not begin to control and use your own brain, then someone else will either control your mind for you, or worse yet, you just have to leave your mental training to chance. You need to control your own self-talk, and also filter out what you hear from others around you including your friends, family and coach.

            The better golfer you become, the more important putting is to your scoring game. If you are like Vijay and have lost your confidence by listening to your own negative self-talk or that of others, you can regain it easily by listening to the affirming imagery and suggestions on the PMI CD “Confident Putting for Lower Scores.” It can be purchased on the PMI shopping cart at www.pmi4.com/cart

            Start listening to the voices inside your head. Make a decision to replace all negative thoughts with positive, affirming ones. Like Vijay, repeat the positive messages (I AM a great putter, I AM a great putter) until they are wired into your brain, body and spirit and have become a conditioned response.

            Program your self-talk towards what you want instead of away from what you don’t want. If you tell yourself not to miss another putt, your subconscious mind will reinforce the missed putt. What you resist persists. This is called negative hypnotic programming. Focus your dominant thought on what you DO want.

            Once you have the awareness that you create your internal and external world, you will realize that you can change it by productive thoughts. Your body learns what it is told to do. Learn to tell it what you want, not what you don’t want.

            You can’t have two thoughts or emotions at the same time. It is your choice which to believe. Since your thoughts create your emotions, the best way to keep doubt, worry and fear from forming is to continuously use positive self-talk and affirmations. I am always re-energized when I read “The Little Engine that Could” story to my grandchildren. It is a tale about a little engine at the end of a long train of cars that had to keep the train from slipping back down the track when it was going up a steep hill. He kept repeating to himself, “I think I can, I think I can”…….and he did!   

            It is not possible to build on a negative. Begin to build your ladder of success with positive, empowering thoughts of yourself and your world. On the golf course, hire yourself as the world’s best caddy. In your life, be your own best friend. Praise is the best way to program your unconscious mind.

            What you think is what you create. Thought and emotion direct energy. Watch what you say. Wake up your mind. Watch what you think. What you think is what you create in your life.

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