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Newsletter January 2009

I just returned from a two-week holiday vacation in south Florida. It was fun to play golf in the sunshine on the short winter Bermuda fairways that I am so familiar with. Returning to North Carolina I was all excited about playing golf here, but a cold front moved through with high winds and snow flurries curtailing my game for awhile.

The 2009 PGA TOUR began in Hawaii this weekend with the Mercedes-Benz Championship on the hilly roller coaster Plantation Course at the Maui Kapalua Resort featuring an elite field of thirty-three 2008 winners. Northern golfers will relate to the downhill, uphill and side hill lies, as well as the effort in regaining composure after trudging up steep hills.

I remember the high winds that gust across the islands. I played one memorable par 3-hole hole where there is a 50-foot high screen left of the green to keep the windswept balls from veering off into the cosmos.  How is your knockdown shot? Can you keep the ball under gusts of wind? Confidence in your golf game comes with the repetitive practice of shots that you might encounter only rarely.

When it is breezy, swing easy. The unconscious tendency is to swing faster/harder when the winds are strong. Watch how the pros play the extremely long downhill 663-yard 18th hole around which the whole course was designed. Since it is downwind, it can be reached in two shots if the tee ball is on the right side of the fairway. The hole has canyons on the left and the Pacific Ocean.  It’s not how far you drive, it’s how you arrive. Tournament leader Geoff Ogilby hit his drive 415 yards on the 17th hole yesterday, and made bogey. In retrospect he said, “I would rather have hit it 350 and made par.”


The beginning of a new year brings the promise of change, the resolution that we can release something old and manifest something new. How much time are you willing to devote to improving your mental game? When you know how to swing, how to play and score, it is time to gain a greater awareness of yourself and your golf game. The PMI Mental Training Program teaches you how to improve the 4-Cs in your game: Control, Confidence, Consistency and Concentration. 

I am beginning my 17th year, and 3rd year in North Carolina of helping golfers attain their peak performances and attain their golf goals. It has been my pleasure to work with and play with golfers socially and in tournaments. I am available for long distance mental training by phone (828-696-2547), and in-person mental golf training and hypnosis sessions are available in North Carolina. 

I thank all of you who have given me the opportunity to accomplish the mission of Positive Mental Imagery. The PMI mission has remained the same since 1992. Together we can accomplish these goals.

  • PMI is dedicated to helping golfers develop their mental, emotional and physical potential through accessing the peak abilities that they have seen occasionally and know they have.


  • PMI's premise is that golf is a game meant for human enjoyment. Golfers are taught to enhance their natural learning skills of visualization, hearing and feel to gain a greater sense of their physical, mental and emotional bodies.


  • PMI coaching includes hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and other mental rapid change modalities to reprogram self-sabotaging limiting thoughts and emotions into self-empowering successful beliefs.


  • PMI mental techniques enable golfers to play golf effortlessly, free from distractions, trusting their swings, confident, with improved focus and concentration, and enjoying the game much more!


  • PMI workshops, lectures, and CDs are geared for empowering mental, emotional, and spiritual attributes to realize inner power in life as well as peak potential on the golf course.


Each new year presents new opportunities for change in your golf game and your life. Old habits continue to dominate your life, new habits are not yet formed, and another year has gone by. 

How can you create the changes you want for success?  Fill your mind with the happy results you desire rather than the uncomfortable changes you feel you must make to do so. It has been proven that we learn faster when we are enjoying what we are doing. The easy way to improve your mental game is by repetitively listening to the PMI compact discs available at www.pmi4.com/cart

Have fun, laugh, and enjoy your rounds of golf to balance your energy away from the outside roller coaster world. Create a happy, joyful new year for yourself.

“The thing always happens that you really believe in;
and the belief in a thing makes it happen.”

–Frank Lloyd Wright


Entrain Your Heart & Brain for Peak Performance!


© Copyright PMI 2009. All Rights Reserved.




Improve your golf game NOW by listening to PMI self-hypnosis CDs/tapes in the privacy of your own home. Order today at www.pmi4.com/cart



One on One Coaching: Call 828.696.2547, or contact Joan by email for a free consultation to learn about mental golf coaching in person or worldwide by phone. Learn what is missing in your game so you can achieve your peak performances.


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