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Dear Golf Enthusiast,

PMI is pleased to provide this free electronic newsletter, Mental Coaching for Golf to give you information for balancing your mind-body-spirit so you can play golf effortlessly, free from distractions, trusting your swing, confident, focused and enjoying the game more!

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We are now well into the holiday season…. a season filled with images of joy, happiness, and fun.

Are you creating this kind of holiday season, or is yours fraught with tension, stress, and not enough time to enjoy it?

Is your golf game filled with joy, happiness and fun? Or, on the other hand, is it full of stress, tension, frustration and effort?

Do you take full responsibility for creating the golf game you want? Or, do you just consider it a miracle when it all comes together and you have a good round?

The analogy is the same for life as it is for golf. The holiday season is a good time to practice the mental skills to overcome stress and pressure so that when Springtime rolls around once again, you will be ready to play golf with those images of joy, happiness and fun dancing in your head.

Christmas symbolizes birth, a new beginning. Begin now to formulate a plan to birth a new spiritual way to look at your golf game. Integrating your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies can lead to higher states of consciousness where you can access your peak performance.

"If you accept full responsibility for conducting the symphony of all your thoughts and feelings, you will have to listen to the whole orchestra. You cannot just march to the drumbeat of external orders. You also have to listen to the strings of your conscience, to the voice of the child within you, and to all the other voices of internal origin that you are privileged to conduct." ---Dr. Wayne Dyer

  • What you think you create.
  • What you say, you create.
  • What you do is your creation.

Here are some mental and spiritual attributes to develop to bring you into balance for a more rewarding life and golf game:

  1. Be aware Thoughts, words and deeds are the tools of creation. Every act you perform is an act of self-definition. It is important that you use your full awareness to speak and act consciously instead of just repeating what you have heard from others.
  2. Focus on what you desire. Not on what you do not want. Choose the results you want. Have complete trust that it will happen. The degree of your trust will be the degree that the results will happen.
  3. Put yourself at the head of your gift list. Be kind to yourself. Think, talk, play golf, and live your life the way you would like it to be. Play for your own enjoyment, not to please others.
  4. Turn frustration into a smile. Smile through adversity. When you are frustrated in traffic, or on the golf course, acknowledge the emotion as an opportunity to change. Smile inwardly to change your physiology and send lightness into your heart and the world instead of darkness.
  5. Turn worry into action No one has ever accomplished anything by worrying about it. When you begin to fret about something in your life, let go of your attachment to the outcome. Formulate a plan and execute it. Affirm what it is you want to manifest NOW. For example, instead of worrying about hitting the ball on the first tee, formulate a plan to relax, and then focus on your tempo and target.
  6. Be grateful. By being grateful for the things you do have in your life, you create a positive attitude and send positive energy into your mind and body, and also out into the world.
  7. Forgive yourself for your mistakes. Understand that making mistakes is the best and fastest way to learn and grow. Forgive (give for) yourself for being human and give yourself the gift of letting go of blame and resentment. Return to a peaceful and harmonious state of mind.
  8. Make your self-talk positive. Monitor your thoughts. Stay in the present by changing fear thoughts from the past, and anxious thoughts of the future, to thoughts of what you want to happen in your life right now.
  9. Make happiness a habit. Look for the "good" in all situations. Have faith in the perfection of your life experience. Know that you do not always know what is best for you. Acknowledge that on another level you are creating every situation for you to learn from.
  10. Use your sense of humor Children laugh 500 times a day and adults only around 50 times. When you laugh your body produces endorphins to make you feel good. Humor can take the tenseness out of a situation. Humor builds self-esteem if you can laugh at your humanness.
  11. Accept your circumstances Acceptance is surrendering to what is; your feelings, your problems, your relationships, your golf game. Before you can change what is, recognize that this is the way it is right now. Resist the struggle. Accepting the situation brings a peace to your soul. It releases the pressure and brings relief. When you relax, you change your heartbeat, physiology and energy pattern. Then you are better able to see what to do next.
  12. Do random acts of kindness. Fill in a divot, fix a ball mark. Return a shopping cart, pick up trash. You will not only feel better, you will be helping the environment and creating good will.
  13. Love what you are doing You will never be good at anything unless you love it. Enjoy the process of creating what you want. If you are "in love" with what it will give you (the results) it will run away from you very fast.
  14. Believe in yourself You have practiced, studied, and played this game so that you can participate fully in it. Focus on the process of hitting and enjoying each shot, knowing that you have done it well many, many times before.
  15. Create a habit of being optimistic and cheerful When you go to bed at night, visualize the pleasure you are going to have the next day. See yourself waking up cheerfully ready to participate fully in the day's activities.
  16. Maintain a balanced emotional level Practice being in "the zone state" in your everyday activities by breathing to relax your mind and body and by focusing your full attention on what you are engaged in doing.
  17. Train your brain to be and do what you want Repetition is the key to performing at your highest levels without conscious thought. Create patterns of thought (habits) in your subconscious mind by replaying over and over what you want.
  18. Think clearly and decisively Do not make choices out of fear. Use discernment. Admit the fear, feel it, and do it anyway. When you are feeling fear on the golf course, recognize it, feel it, and manufacture a plan to relax your mind and body. Focus on your tempo and target and swing as if you had always hit that shot perfectly.
  19. Schedule downtime To restore balance between your mind and body, take 10 minutes during the middle of the day to sit quietly, close your eyes, let go of all thoughts and breathe to relax. Ten minutes of this kind of downtime is like taking a two-hour nap that will bring restore your mind-body balance.
  20. Have fun Golf is a game. Play for the pure joy of playing. Let your participation be your ultimate reward without being dependent upon the rewards of praise or prizes.

"Every problem you have, you experience in your mind. The solution to the problem is in the same place." -------Dr. Wayne Dyer

Let the brightness of the holiday season shine in your life bringing you peace, harmony and love for yourself and all that you do.


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