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Newsletter January 2001
Vol. II, Edition 1

Welcome to the New Millennium!!

This is the time of the year when there is a lot of hype about "reinventing" yourself, and making resolutions to change your behaviors and essentially transform yourself into a new person. (Download 2000 PMI enewsletters:goal setting, nutrition, concentration, positive attitude, putting, changing beliefs, self-image and self-esteem by logging on at Master Mind Golf.)

When you were born you were a perfect being. You had no judgments, values, or negative thoughts about yourself that caused awful feelings of guilt or fear about life on this planet. Your brain computer began immediately to take in all the thoughts and actions of people around you and stored that information in your unconscious/library mind. Your ecosystem began to form and develop patterns of thought and behavior. As each one of those thoughts was reinforced, the pattern became stronger and you became a person who acted on this programming without thinking.

Instead of "reinventing" yourself and trying to get rid of old behaviors that don't work; I suggest returning to the vision of that perfect person you were at birth. Create the person you want to be by starting with an image of a perfect YOU and then adding to it. Reinforce everything that you say or do as being meaningful to you. I have a simple philosophy that I follow in my life; "I attract everything in my life to learn from, or to enjoy." When you live in the present and take responsibility for everything that happens in your life, you obtain a freedom from guilt and fear.

On your best days of golf you return to this perfect state of being. You just know that you are in harmony with the energy flow in the universe. On these days it is a way of being at one, almost of meditating and focusing on what you are doing. When you are in this "flow" you have let go of everything and are in one with the energy that puts it exactly where you want it. When you are in that mode you are invincible. You are meant to feel that way all the time.

When you watch the pros playing at their peak performance levels, time is suspended and they are part of that infinite energy for the moment. It is one of the best forms of meditation that can be taking place. When you breathe the energy in from out of doors, you are one with nature in the beautiful surroundings of the golf course. When you mentally step away from the competition and the stressful energy of some of the others that you are playing with, you can experience this oneness of all. This is the great mystery of playing golf and living life. This is the pleasure that we're all seeking.

As you enforce your belief in yourself and your perfection, you can find it easier to imagine and believe that you are free from the obstacles which confront you. Whatever you do, keep your mind focused on the positive. Hold positive thoughts and believe them. Don't focus on getting rid of a problem, but see the positive elements come into your life. Forget the negative. Don't even acknowledge it's existence. Be concerned only with what you want in your life. And that is the positive. Let go and accomplish more.

Holding on to past negative beliefs is like being chained to a tree. When they are young, circus elephants are chained to a stake so their movements are limited. They move in the same circle. When they are fully grown the stake is removed and they still move in the same limited circle and do not move beyond that.. Don't be chained like the elephants. Begin to see yourself as having unlimited potential to move in any direction you desire.

Here are some positive beliefs for you to contemplate for life in the new Millenium:

  • When you make a mistake. begin immediately to correct it.
  • When you lose, don't lose the lesson.
  • Loving from your heart creates the foundation for your life.
  • Taking risks is the way to greater growth and achievement.
  • Be responsible for all of your actions.
  • True freedom comes from stilling your mind and creating your dreams.
  • Know yourself as having unlimited power.
  • Spend some downtime every day in contemplation.
  • Know you are worthy of success.
  • Be open to accepting change.
  • Accept compliments gracefully.
  • Be true to your values.

From this moment on, decide to take control of your life and create your dream as you would like it to be. Life is like your golf game. You can't just have the book with you; you have to apply it all the time. Tap into your inner nurturing and wisdom resources because you know best what you need and what is right for you. Trusting yourself is of utmost importance, in your golf game and in your life. When your confidence goes up, your competence goes up at the same time.

If you are a typical golfer, you frequently take lessons so you will know what to practice. You spend time physically practicing your golf swing. You stretch and exercise your muscles for strength and flexibility. Do you also practice your mental skills? Consider practicing being in a confident, joyful mental state where you can produce peak results in your life and in your golf game.

Each morning when you open your eyes, say to yourself; "I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be."

Every night as you are drifting off to sleep, visualizing your next day's activities, say to yourself, "I will awaken happy, healthy and ready to enjoy the new day with a smile in my heart."

"The important thing is this:
to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become,"
--- Charles Du Bos

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