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Newsletter February 2005
Vol. VI, Edition 2

by Joan King


Love is what makes the world go around. Love is what makes life worth living. Love is the feeling of the utmost high. Golfers experience this feeling on the golf course when they let go of trying to make things happen, stay in the present moment, and experience the spiritual excursion of being "in the zone."

Love is who you are. Whenever we disengage the great filter called "self" and lose ourselves in play, we shift our focus from survival pursuits into larger patterns of connection with unlimited possibility.

When you let go of judgment and evaluation, what is left is awareness. Awareness is the key to all change. Develop your awareness by using your imagination and intuition to discover your authentic self.

Love is a force. It is also the pure essence of being. Even after you have stopped playing golf, you will remember with feelings of love the experiences you had that were so exhilarating.

We know with our minds. We believe with our hearts.

When you play from your heart, you are free and your possibilities are limitless, especially when you least expect them.

If you watched Phil Michelson winning at Pebble Beach yesterday, you saw how much he loves playing his own brand of golf. Even when he missed a three-foot putt on the 13th hole, he was smiling.

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens." ----Carl Jung

Your mission is to discover and embrace the real you, not the person you think you have to be to be loved or accepted.

What is your heart's desire? Whatever it is, the secret to creating what you want for your golf game will be as your heart desires it to be. Your hopes and dreams are waiting for you. Claim what your heart already knows and turn your dreams into reality.

When you get frustrated or upset with your golf game, return to your heart by letting go of judgment and expectations of the results. Feel the past experiences on the golf course that warmed your heart and brought you joy. Trust in the process of totally experiencing the present moment.

In the hunt at the PGA Tour Players Championship at Sawgrass, March 24, 2002, New Zealander Craig Perks was asked how he keeps calm in a situation he hadn't been in before. He said he thinks of the love he has for his family, he whistles a song he loves, and thinks of all the people who helped him get where he is. Craig won on the 18th hole by chipping in off the fringe to win by two strokes.

"Great hearts steadily send forth the secret forces that incessantly draw great events." ---Ralph Waldo Emerson

Everything is the universe is connected by love. We are disconnected by fear.

You will have your share of heartache on the golf course, but it doesn't have to be a negative. See it as another vitally important experience that is useful to learn from.

Then bring your awareness back to your heart, to remember why you love to play this intriguing and seductive game.

Your life and your golf game are miracles waiting to be fully explored and discovered. Only an open heart can unlock the treasures that wait for you.

Love is what makes the world go around. Love is what makes life worth living. Love is the feeling of the utmost high. To play golf well is to love playing golf.

To love....

.... is to BE.


"I am more relaxed on the golf course and am now playing one shot at a time. When I see trouble or feel tense, I concentrate on my breathing and try to hear your voice from the tape. I recommend your tapes to anyone who realizes how mental the game can be." ---Bert Smugar, Amateur Golfer

"The putting tape has worked!! I am more relaxed and confident. My handicap has gone down from 28 to 22. My concentration has improved and I am having more fun." ---Andrew Carter, Recreational Golfer


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