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Newsletter June 2012

I have been watching the Olympic qualifiers and listening to the athletes describe their state of mind before and after their performances. Performing before huge crowds with millions watching on TV could be very fearful and distracting. Their performances determine whether they will be one of the top two to make the Olympic team in their sport. What was noticeable among the top performers was their belief to have fun and to perform the same way they did in practice.

Use your mind as an ally instead of an adversary

Amateur and professional golfers alike are frustrated when they hit balls well on the range and then play poorly on the golf course. What is different on the golf course?

  1. On the range there is no penalty for mishits. When a golfer mishits a shot on the range s/he just tees up another ball and tries to figure out what went wrong. There is no “second serve” on the golf course. There isn’t a coach to tell you what went wrong.
  2. Having to count every stroke is stressful. On the range there is nothing to worry about. There are consequences on the course. The consequences put pressure on you and cause tension and tightness in your swing. Trying to avoid mistakes causes tension. Trying to make something happen causes stress.
  3. Golfers worry about the results. A golfer’s emotional state can be ruined by a belief that one bad hole will determine the outcome. On the course golfers think about results instead of the process of how to achieve what they want.
  4. Golfers don’t play the way they practice. On the golf course golfers go through a preshot routine to prepare their minds and bodies for each shot. They rarely get behind the ball and execute a preshot routine on the range.
  5. Golfers forget to have fun on the golf course. Fun and great results happen when a golfer relaxes and trusts that s/he can reproduce what they have practiced and learned.

For information on how to develop a solid preshot routine go to www.pmi4.com, Archived Newsletters, February 2009

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