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Newsletter March 2013

What keeps you from playing to your handicap or better? 

Distracting thoughts in your head can cause doubt, indecision, and worry.  These thoughts produce emotions that will cause biochemical changes in your body which will alter your golf swing. 

Your emotions are the most important mental ingredient in your golf game.   The way you talk to yourself is more important to your mind and body than your score. Emotions are biochemical events in the brain that can lead to powerful changes in your body. These changes either move you closer or further away from your peak performance. Doubt, indecision and worry move you away, confidence brings you closer. Anger and frustration move you away, fun and enjoyment bring you back. 

When you think negative thoughts your body will tense up to overcome the problem. When you think positive, fun thoughts, your body automatically produces endorphins which relax your mind and body. 

When you are distracted by things outside of you, you lose your focus. When you focus on obstacles or on failing, your mind creates anxiety and fear. When you focus on your opponents, what others are saying, or on what they are doing, you won't have enough energy left to concentrate on your own performance. 

To play at your best, you need to focus on the only thing you have control over....yourself....and your preparation of the shot. 

We only use 3-5% of our mind. Just think if you could tap into the 95% that you aren't using. The rest is stored in the subconscious mind.  When you are playing in "the zone" you are allowing the information you have stored in your subconscious mind to produce the shots you want.  

Hypnosis works because it helps people to change the way they perceive a given situation, circumstance, set of events or an object. 

If you do what you have always done, that is what you will always get. 

Hypnosis helps us to change the way we perceive something. By changing our thought process we can make a permanent change. Hypnosis is a natural state of life. You have been in trance several times today. You just may not have called it hypnosis. Anytime you move from an outward perception to an inner awareness you enter trance. 

Some of the natural states of trance we encounter are; highway trance, electronic trance (TV, computer, video games), movie trance, reading trance, eating trance, a boring meeting or conversation, doing two things at the same time, watching the sunset or ocean, daydreaming, boredom or looking at a holographic picture. 

 Anytime you go into your own world and imagination, you are going into hypnosis. 

 You practice self-hypnotism every day with the things you say to yourself and others. You hypnotize yourself with repetitive actions and thoughts. This is called auto-suggestion.  Here are some positive suggestions to repeat until they become part of your mental golf make-up. 

Hypnotic Affirmations: 

Take Dead Aim.

Narrow focus to the target.

Look at the target and hit it there.

Plan and execute one shot at a time.

Focus on what is working; not on the trouble.

Let go of expectations.

All greens are my favorite kind to putt on.

Always aim to the high side of the hole.

I give every size putt the same amount of time and attention.

Play for score. 

With repetitive practice of suggestions like these you can learn to concentrate on the here and now and move into "the zone" on the golf course. 

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