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Newsletter September 2013

On a deep level of feeling, most golfers believe that they don't deserve to be the winner. They will point to golfers who are better than they are and the weaknesses in their games. In order to play at your best, you need to believe in yourself and in your golf abilities. Believing in yourself is all about focusing on your strengths and on what you do well instead of focusing on what isn't working.

Self-esteem or self-confidence is having full trust and reliance in yourself. When you have a high level of self esteem you will be confident, motivated, happy and have a positive attitude to succeed.

Low self-esteem will keep you from taking chances. Low self-esteem is reinforced by thinking negatively, criticizing your performance, or by listening to others who criticize you.

Confidence comes from within. If you are confident, you will have the mental strength to face new challenges. On the golf course everything is new. Every day the golf course and each shot is a new experience.

How to develop self esteem

1.      Don't compare your self to others. Limit your competition to playing the golf course the best you can. Don't compare your performance or abilities to someone else's. Play your own game by sticking to your own strategy for playing and for overcoming challenges at your own pace.
2.      Don't analyze your performance until it is over. Adding up your score or projecting the outcome will put you on an emotional roller coaster when your expectations aren't met.
3.      Act as if you are confident. Use good body language and you will feel more confident, and look more confident to your playing partners.
4.      Let go of short term memory. Stay in the present by giving every shot your total undivided attention and intention. Don't bring up past memories of missed shots on a particular hole.
5.      Use your long term memory. Remember the best shots and games you have played in the past. If you do think about a missed shot in the past, look at how you can correct it. This will change your attitude and how you look at the process of creating the shot.
6.      Take deep breaths to relax. By taking deep breaths you can relax your mind and body to more easily access a positive state of thinking and physical performance.
7.      Remember to smile. Smiling inside by remembering someone or something you love will bring your focus into your heart and out of the judgmental part of your brain.
8.      Reinforce your good shots. Anchor your good shots into your memory bank by congratulating yourself with a heartfelt, congratulatory feeling.

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