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Newsletter January 2024


Welcome to January 2024, the beginning of the New Year and a fresh start to your life and your golf game. 2023 was a challenging year for just about everybody on our planet. As golfers we are fortunate to participate in a sport that gives us relief from the drama and chaos to focus instead on something we enjoy doing.    

Now is the time for reviewing your intentions and accomplishments during the past year. It is also a time to identify your goals and the possibilities to move you forward for the success you desire in the coming year. Studies show that setting goals increases your chances for success. For information on setting good golf goals, go to www.pmi4.com and click on https://cutt.ly/6wHANvx6 for Archived Newsletters January 2011.

If this is the "off-season" golf time for you, it is your opportunity to look forward and create a new vision of the golfer you want to become. It is the perfect opportunity for a new beginning to develop the golf game you have dreamed of that will pay the most dividends for you.

Making New Year's resolutions is a tradition where a person makes a promise to take action for self-improvement. We all know that New Year's resolutions don't last very long. One of the reasons for failure is by setting unrealistic goals, and not keeping track of your progress. Resolutions are formed and controlled in your conscious mind. It is called will power. Your resolution lasts only as long as you are thinking about it. Peak performances in golf aren't a matter of will or strength in your mental game as many would have you believe. Being in control of your golf swing is a matter of trusting the training you have done, and then allowing your subconscious mind to respond to that programming.

Where to start to improve?

 Self-improvement always begins by going within. There must be a balance between your belief in yourself and your physical golf game. Honest reflection of self can only be done if your mind is not consumed with fear, anxiety or negative thoughts. These kinds of belief codes keep you locked in moving away from what you truly desire. Create new belief codes by letting go of thoughts that keep you attached to failure and the lack of success in the past. Change your thoughts, words, intentions, actions, and emotions to positive ones linked to success. Then the fears associated with failure and embarrassment will vanish. To change your golf game you must manage your inside thoughts and feelings, and then your whole physical golf game changes.

 Self-knowledge breeds success

Within you lies the power to make these changes. It is you who must decide what you wish to believe and how you plan to attain your goals. Create a new year of possibilities. Take the time to envision now the golf game you desire, and the golfer that you aspire to be.  What you think, you create. What you can conceive and believe.... You can achieve!

The first step is to ask yourself if you are open to change and the possibilities it will bring to you. Are you ready to release limiting thoughts, regrets, angers, or self-defeating emotions that hold you hostage in old belief codes?

If you are willing to release the past, use your imagination to visualize yourself playing as the golfer you have always dreamed of becoming. Greet each new day as a new beginning, a chance to express your inner creative power.

As you allow your imagination to play, it frees you from the limits you place on yourself. It opens you up to the realm of potential and possibilities. Believe in yourself no matter how bad the results are. Remember that every day and act accordingly. See yourself as unlimited; accomplishing the dreams you dare to dream.

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