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Gift Certificates:

  • $125.00 for a one-hour consultation by phone or in person

  • $125.00 for a one-hour hypnosis session in person


Contact PMI today to arrange for a gift certificate for your golf friend or relative at pmi4@bellsouth.net. For more information call Joan at 828.707.5478.


“ After one session with Joan my nerves are completely gone. I no longer have anxiety over 20-foot birdie putts, 7-foot par putts or trouble shots. My concentration has improved and I can focus on my own game in tournaments. ”

-Ashley A. Mooney, Junior Tournament Golfer

“ Thanks for your help. I was not enjoying what I was doing and was very hard on myself. The best thing you have done for me is that I can't wait for the next round. Your "Fearless Golf" tape helps me to relax and stay in control of myself on the golf course. I'm staying with your program. I listen to you every night as I sleep. Thanks again. You are the greatest. ”

-Ken Piel, United America Senior Pro Tour

“ Thank you very much for your help. I really appreciate you helping me to win my club championship. It was exciting because I never gave up and won on the 18th hole. I listened to your voice inside my head many, many times saying focus, relax, and take extra practice swings. Since I play a lot of match play I used to have huge emotional swings when I thought that I had won the hole and my opponent "got lucky." My emotional level stays the same now allowing me to play my game. I attribute a lot of this victory to your course and your support. ”

-Joseph Underwood, Senior Tournament Golfer

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