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With Joan King at Jupiter Medical Center's
Mind/Body Institute
by Mary Frances Holleran, Jupiter Courier Columnist

If you could improve your golf game play with ease, enjoy the game, and get rid of negative thinking-would you do it? Skeptic that I am, I sat in on Joan King's Positive Mental Imagery Workshop held at Jupiter Medical Center's Mind/Body Institute. The three hour, two-day workshop is designed to help you generate energy through your mind and body, tap into your sensory system, program positive mental images, and gives you a way to be prepared through personal course management. Did the workshop help? Well, it made a difference in my attitude and behavior on the golf course, and has very definitely helped me to relax and have fun out there. Even when I'm playing with my husband!

Joan's workshop puts you through a number of mental imagery exercises to stimulate pre-conditioning of positive mind thoughts, so that when you get on the course, you make a good shot. Some of the exercises dealt with personal self-esteem, anchoring for stress release, right and left brain learning, and controlling one's anxiety on the golf course. Anyone who has competed in match and club championship play knows what anxiety can do to their game. There were exercises to warm up and relax your body through stretching before the game, and to be free of tension and tightness so that your mind is into a readiness to play golf. The workshop dealt with many examples of all the bad things that can go wrong on the golf course, and feedback from these examples helped to correct them. Basically, the workshop fulfills your desire to become a winner versus a loser-not simply by having the best score, but by mentally focusing on what makes the game of golf so great.

My husband first introduced me to the game several years ago and, as reluctant as I was to take it up, I now have a passion for golf. I step up to the first tee, full of hope and anticipation that it will be a great round. Often it isn't, and that's why I took King's Workshop, which provides the "missing mental ingredients" that keep you from being consistent and playing to your peak potential. You learn how to let go of negative "self-talk" and how to change faulty beliefs and negative emotions into self-empowering energy. While I was apprehensive that King's workshop could help my golf game, I came away a believer. In learning the techniques for enhancing my powers of concentration with the use of mental imagery, it was easy to play in a relaxed, effortless manner. It also enabled me to focus on my game, and not worry about what others were doing.

King covers lots of ground in the workshop, so be prepared to listen and participate. I found that when it was over, I took a tremendous amount of information And practice techniques with me to the course, but the changes that I made wer3e in thinking attitude and behavior. By the way, her relaxation tape is terrific. If you missed Joan King at the Mind/Body Institute in January or February, relax, she has additional workshops scheduled for March and April. I found the workshop to be well worth the time and effort and I came away with a positive attitude that has certainly helped improve my game.


“ Your seminar was the best thing I've ever done for my golf game. Thank you! For the first time ever, I'm playing full out on the golf course -and having fun! My fears have decreased, my ability to focus has increased, and I'm the envy of my partners when it comes to putting! Thank you-- Thank you - Thank you! I'm having the best time ever on the golf course. Golf truly is funů and an exciting game! In the month since your workshop my handicap has dropped from 17 to 15 and is continuing downward! I am having more fun and I'm more fun to play with too. ”

-Sharon Walker, Country Club Golfer

“ Since I attended the PMI workshop my golf scores have been gradually improving each time I play. I am extremely pleased with my progress and attribute it to my increased confidence and improved visualization. Thank you. In the month after the workshop my handicap has gone down 4 strokes. I am more relaxed on the golf course, my attitude is more positive and I am having more fun. Thank you. ”

-Geneva Hochstetter, Country Club Golfer

“ Joan, you have brightened my life and I am very grateful. Your talent and dedication is admirable. Thank you very much. More and more I'm swinging without fear and letting it happen. I had hoped for pars and I am shooting birdies. It's great fun! ”

-Anna Chapman, Country Club Golfer

“ My handicap has gone down two strokes. I am a lot more positive. There has been a big difference in my game. I feel that I can hit every shot on the golf course. I practice much more than I ever did before this course. I won the eclectic partner tournament. I relaxed and worked all the mental affirmation excuses and all the tools you gave me and I helped my partner so much. She told me I kept her relaxed. ”

-Barbara Fasano, Country Club Golfer

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