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Hypnosis Sessions:

Tiger Woods' mental coach, Dr. Jay Brunza, began hypnotizing him at age 13 to block out distractions and focus completely on the golf course.

Hypnosis is a natural state of life. You have been in trance several times today. You just may not have called it hypnosis. Anytime you move from an outward perception to an inner awareness, you enter trance.

If you can count down from 10 to 1, you can be hypnotized. You have the ability to attain a light trance. You have experienced it when:
  • You pass your exit on the highway.
  • You are so engrossed in watching TV you don't hear someone call your name
  • Anytime you are startled
  • Riding a bike or driving your car and are startled when a horn honks
  • You go to sleep you pass through this state
  • You wake up you pass through this state.
Anytime you go into your own world and imagination, you are going into hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a universal way for reaching the subconscious mind with messages. It involves a process of persuading yourself that you can change and achieve your desired goals by freeing yourself of distraction and doubt. Once a mental habit is formed it becomes easier to follow and more difficult to break.

You practice hypnotism every day with the things you say to yourself and others. You hypnotize yourself with repetitive actions and thoughts. This is called autosuggestion.

Hypnosis is a skill, like reading or writing that anyone can easily learn. Hypnosis techniques put you in charge of your natural ability to enter trance or as athletes call it, "the zone state."

Read in the following article how athletes use hypnosis for a positive change in their level of performance.

Better Golf Through Hypnosis

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“ The consultation and hypnosis session with you helped me to qualify for the 2003 USGA Senior Amateur Championship and be the third alternate for the 2004 USGA Senior Amateur Championship. I continue to use the breathing and pre-shot techniques ”

Herman Klemick, Amateur Tournament Golfer

“ I can't believe my approach to the game since the hypnosis sessions. I am calm and confident. My scores are declining slowly, but my attitude and concentration are over the top! I listen to your "Relaxation of the Mind and Body" tape every morning while still in bed. It's unbelievable how I'm then ready to start the day in such a great mood ”

Sandy Weiner, Amateur Golfer

“ The hypnosis session with you was the best. I am now playing good golf, staying calm and not getting uptight. I am relaxed and confident. When I think negative thoughts, I stop myself and think only positive ones. I am now trusting my swing and letting go of expectations ”

Roberta Gregory, Country Club Golfer

“ My handicap has dropped from 32 to 22, and I know that is only the start. Since our hypnosis sessions and using my personal tape, my confidence anchors my entire golf experience. I have more fun and feel so much in control. I can control my life with confidence. Joan has enabled me to access my full potential by picturing my golf swing, the target, and trusting my subconscious to carry out the thought. It feels wonderful to turn over my swing to a relaxed inner mind. It is truly amazing how quickly I'm reaching my goals…with ease. ”

Dee Decker, Amateur Tournament Golfer

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